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It's certainly not an apology or worse yet an excuse to anyone for the lack of a woman's forum.

I don't think I am continually mentioning the forums on BA, but for the article, it was crucial based on the reasons why women want their own forum. It was to illustrate how ridiculous a so called "safe" place to go was when dealing with beer. Also as being my main line of work, BA is relevant to the conversation from my point of view. Not only that, it is the largest user based online beer community in the world. It has to be talked about at some point.

If someone would bring up women in beer in a constructive way for a change instead of complaining about men, sexist ads, women only groups, marketing to women as a ploy or an angle on something instead of having genuine intentions, then maybe I wouldn't have to rail against most of these bogus demands on behalf of women.

Seems like an apology / statement / excuse for not starting a women's only section (which I agree with) and nothing more. Perhaps more focus on women as beer consumers or in the industry as opposed to continually pointing to why a women's only forum would suck on your husband's message board would have proved more artful.

We may see women all over our local bar, beer expos, beer weeks, selling us our homebrew supplies, and owning our favorite brewpubs, but the advertising is still negative and that is what undermines us and what pushes women into "safe havens." Heineken and Budweiser and Coors portrays us as stupid bimbos consumed with a desire for low cal over good taste no matter what the reality of female beer drinking may be. These are the things that effect us and what we want to be "safe" from so we can talk beer frankly w/o fighting through stupid stereotypes every step of the way, but you're right, a haven is not going to change the way things are. To break down sexism in beer we need to do more than be seen and heard drinking, we also need to speak out against this kind of advertising, to publicly boycott such brands, and for our male beer drinkers to do it with us.

good job.....

Fantastic article! I feel the very same way. Thanks for speaking for us who don't care what gender beer drinkers are - just bring us good beer! :)

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