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What a very refreshing drink

I love a good sangria and this one sounded good but I think I'd omit the sugar. Don't like mine too sweet :)

Nicely done! I love sangria, and regularly experiment with varieties. I'll often use sparkling apple cider instead of juice - makes for a more 'effervescent' beverage.

Dig the blog btw! Well done.

if you want great sangria put equal parts brandy and cointreau. i make a different batch of this stuff every week for my job and i have made some interesting stuff.

Looks so delicious and refreshing, perfect for this 4th of July weekend.

Sangria does a body good. Honestly, we've used $2 Chuck in ours, and it does the trick! Adding the triple sec is a good idea. We like Cointreau or Citronge if it's on hand. Mmmm!

This is great we needed one...we have some great wines here in our California Central Valley. happy 4th of July to ya...best, s

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