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I don't think when it comes to beer specifically we need to separate genders. You are right you wouldn't market a tampon commercial geared towards men. But beer is genderless. At least it should be. I mean look at how successful the Boston Beer Company's (Sam Adams) commercials were? No gender, all about the ingredients. Now the big macros are trying to copy that and follow suit. That is they way it should go. All about the product and not who speficially it should be marketed to or meant for.

I wouldn't mind seeing a few commercials geared towards women (provided that they are funny or humorous) to offset some of the stereotypical big breasted, scantly clad girls in some of the marketing that has long been a mainstay, but over all there shouldn't ads geared specifically towards one gender. There might be effectiveness in marketing specifically towards women, but it perpetuates the problem of MEN VS WOMEN. Women have their beers, their groups and men have their beers and their groups. We keep driving that wedge. Where are the marketing techniques for PEOPLE who love beer? PEOPLE. We need to start thinking that way.

I get men and women all the time on BA who want to see a woman's forum. Their own forum to discuss beer and topics already being discussed in other forums on BA. That is reinforcing a driving split instead of merging. And worst of all we're doing it based on stereo types and lame reactions that women just want a "safe place" to talk about beer. You see it works both ways. Changing the dialogue is probably the best way to go and to start this. How we talk about it, how we look at it. Again I say this should be about PEOPLE and not specific genders.

Having said that though, my sister was a Bud Girl once. She liked it. She didn't take offense to being a sex symbol. She didn't look at it that way. Not every woman wants to be singled out or isolated as a key demographic. Not everyone wants to be reminded that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. And not every women views exploitation in the same ways.

Food might be a good way to market to a genderless audience. Also dispelling the class factor myth that beer isn't classy and only wine is. That's a big stereo type for men and women. That beer is for the working class, less sophisticated. It tends to take more of a toll on a woman's over all impression.

Wow - there's a lot of potentially very helpful information here - and some thoughts that make me nervous. As a specialist in marketing Craft Beer to Women, it's important that Women be seen as different, not separate. They need to be addressed differently - they aren't men. Just like you wouldn't market to men aiming for women, women should be marketed to like women want to be marketed to. My ongoing research supports this as well as long standing authorities in the field of marketing to women (Martha Barletta being one.) Keep up the conversation! See you in Boston. ginger

I love all sorts of beer, i have to because I am a true Belgian!! But I don't like the more heavy beers like Orval, Chimay,...etc. My husband does like them!!
I will try & drink new beers,...It is allways fun to discover more & lovely beers from around the world!!

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