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Any day we can throw down...I'm not done talking shit yet.

Yours does look pretty formidable though....


We were feenin' for food from our roots, so we whipped up our own version not too long ago. Nothing like good biscuits and gravy!

Good recipe, especially the biscuits. I follow much the same recipe for the sausage gravy except i like the Maple saueage or if I am up in Beverley, WVA i stop off at the country market in the center of town for some fresh ground country sausage that is so lean that I get maybe a spoonfull of grease after cooking. My main modification is I add cheddar cheese instead of more cream or milk. I also add paprika and thus the gravy is thick and rich and more yellow/orange in color. If the sauce is getting too thick I add beer (dark if I have it) and the gravy becomes more complex in flavor. The cheese adds so much to the consistancy and the sauce is velvety, and creamy.

You've done it again! I wished I lived in the south...I'm a sucker for biscuits! Great post!

Looks so good. Even though this is breakfast victuals I can't help but think it'd be even tastier washed down with some Saint Botolph's.

i instantly thought of our German brethren... dopplebock, weizenbock, maibock... I will humbly suggest, since i have a few sitting in my fridge, Stoudts Maibock, Weihenstephaner Vitus, Celebrator, Troegs Double Bock or Spaten Optimator.

BTW, that looks excellent and i am now hungry... thanks. :)

MMMMMM...looks great & yummie! delicious food!!

One of lifes great eating joys is biscuits and gravy. You did good!

This is truly dangerous. I lived by Deep Ellum's sausage and biscuits. Now, I can just make them at home (hopefully even better if I follow your recipe to a T) and save room for the beer at brunch instead.


Looks awesome. A great breakfast for a whole crew... I'll have to try it out this summer!

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