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Just because I lied. I messed up my own URL (failsauce). That blogspot blog is someone else's. This is mine.


I love oyster dressing -- but dressing posts always remind me of this from a couple years back, and because it kicked ass, I share:

One stick of butter
Two cups chopped pumpkin
Fourish cups of stale cubed/crumbled cornbread
Half a medium red onion
A cup or so of slice Baby Bella mushrooms
Two tablespoons fresh parsley
Two tablespoons fresh chives
One tablespoon ground sage
Two tablespoons rosemary
Two tablespoons tarragon
A bit of salt
A bit of cracked pepper
Half a cup of vegetable broth

Melted butter in skillet. Sauteed onions for a while. Added mushrooms and dried spices. Sauteed more. Added pumpkin and mixed it around. Poured into big bowl and mixed it up with the salt, pepper, fresh spices and veggie broth. Returned the whole concoction to the skillet, covered it and baked at 375 for 40 minutes. Removed foil and baked for another 10 minutes.

Tastiness ensued! The result was both sweet and savory.

Reliving all the Christmas eating with these pics...

Your truffles are beautiful! Cookie dough truffles are exactly the kind of thing I will be eating this month when everyone else is dieting and starting on their gym memberships!

Happy New Year :)

Perfect recipe!!!
Recipes with chocolate is my favorite...

wow everything looks spectacular!!!!! bravo!!!!!

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